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oh dear.

oh my.

could it be?

I've been MIA since JUNE OF LAST YEAR???

for petes sake where do I begin?

My pregnancy went fine. As normal as can be. My overall weight gain was 28 pounds. I'm a lightweight.

I ate a lot too! I drank a protein shake (ya know, the ones they make for OLD PEOPLE, not slimf@st) with every meal to gaurantee weight gain. My doc said I did fine and everything went swimmingly.

During my last trimester my doc and I discussed many a time the method of delivery for the baby. With the nasty Crohns Disease came a complication, a fistula near my *ahem* naughty parts. A fistula to put it simply, is tunneling of tissue from wherever the Crohns was to wherever it wants to go. In my case it runs from my intestines to the skin in between my wahoo and yeehaw. If that makes sense.

Anywho. If I had the baby naturally that fistula might tear and I would be in trouble for the rest of my life. My doc didn't want to do a c-section because of my previous surgery, he didn't want to go in that way unless he had to. So doc opted for the lesser of two evils and I had a c-section.

Ya know, I can't even remember if I told you what gender my child was?

Ahhh all will be told in due time.

My official due date was Nov. 21, 2008. My doc opted to schedule a c-section Nov 20 at 9am since leading up to my 39th week I was only 1cm dilated and the baby only dropped a little bit.

Well. Let me tell you somethin'. This child is as impatient as Mr. B. seriously.

Owen Kyle Haskin (oh god full name on the internet!!!)

OWEN KYLE HASKIN was born November 19, 2008 at 3:24 A.M.


let me explain how it went down...

On the 18th I had been experiencing back labor (the pain was in my lower back because Mr. Impatient was facing the wrong way) Towards the evening it was increasing, so I had Mr. B massage my lower back to make that baby turn around the right way.

Oh it worked all right.

The baby flipped over and I started feeling contractions where they should be. They weren't very painful or intense yet.

So we went to bed.

At 11:30pm whilst trying to sleep my water broke. And boy did it break.

I was told that a small percentage of women experience their water breaking like in the movies- water everywhere like ya peed yer pants. I was one of that small percentage.

It didn't help that I was laying down, so the pressure of the baby was off the birth canal which allowed the fluid to flow more freely so it felt like I pissed my pants ROYALLY.

It was just all of a sudden, I felt a *pop* inside me (which was freaking weird) and fluid escaping. I immediately sat up and ran to the bathroom. There was no doubt my water broke.

After my water broke the REAL contractions started almost immediately. They were regular, 4-5 minutes apart lasting 30 seconds long. We called the hospital and told them we were on our way!

I was admitted just after midnight, it was almost 1 a.m. The nurses couldn't figure out what to do because I was telling them I was to have a c-section and my doc wasn't the doc on call that evening. So they did call my doc and he was gracious enough to come in and perform my c-section. Which I was very grateful for because he knows my history. I didn't want a doc who didn't know me to deliver my baby.

Mr. Impatient (Owen Kyle) wanted to get this done and get it done right! He was 6 pounds 8 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. And bald as bald can be. Which is funny because I had constant heartburn from the second half of my second trimester until he was born. Don't believe old wives tales!!

Now newborns usually lose weight after their born and usually it takes the baby two weeks to get back to their birth weight.

Mr. Impatient lost 5 ounces after he was born, and the next day he gained 3 ounces back! By the time we left the hospital (on the third day) he was 6 pounds 5 ounces! 3 ounces away from his birth weight!

I was breastfeeding, then I went to pumping my milk jugs. Let me tell ya. My girls will never be the same.

Mr. Impatient was exclusively on boob juice the first month of his life. By the end of the first month he weighed 11 pounds and was 22 inches long.

This boy is 3 months old now and is close to 20 pounds I'm sure. The scale we have needs a new battery, so the last time we weighed him was a few weeks ago. Then he was 16 pounds and 26 inches long! He is wearing 6 month old clothing! I am at my wits end.

I stopped the boob juice, cuz he literally sucked me dry. I couldn't keep up. And now even on formula he's gaining weight just as fast.

This kid is nuts I tell ya.

He is either happy or pissed off. There is no in-between! When he's mad its either because he wants food or he needs to sleep and is fighting it.

Yeah he doesn't like naps.

He loves to interact and be around people. Which is fine! But he needs sleep and its difficult to get that across. He just doesn't listen! *sarcasm*

Oh but I love my baby boy. There are no words to explain the feeling I have for this child. I love him deeply, yet he already has the ability to frustrate me and piss me off- but I look at him and I can't help but love him!

You may wonder how a 3 month old can tick me off, well I'll tell ya! Wouldn't it frustrate you when you are trying to put an overtired child to bed, but he only sleeps for 15 minutes? And wouldn't it frustrate you when your child is screaming for food even though he ate 6 ounces only an hour or two ago??? My kid is nuts like his daddy. But he sure is cute.

You wanna see pictures? Do you mind going to a different website? I made a family photo album (well, they're really all of Owen) on phanfareDOTcom. Its like flickr but you get more space (I think).



I have it a bit backwards, the album listed January 2009 is actually pics of Owen after he was born in November 2008. The December 2008 album is Owen when he was 1 month to 2 months old. The February 2009 album is Owen two to three months old.

Now I just got to get some pregger pics up, cuz I was tiny! I weighed 142 pounds at full term! After Owen was born I lost 20 pounds. I'm hovering around 115-120 pounds. Pretty disgusting isn't it???!!

Ah I must say I missed you guys and gals. I truly truly did.

Oh and let me add I did graduate (again) but with my Bachelors degree this time! woo hoo! If you want to see my portfolio you can go here:

Just ignore the reference to my personal website because its not active. I'm working on it, I'm just a perfectionist.

I must go read up on my buddies! I missed you all so so so so much!!

much love to my lovelies!

My belly button looks like a deflated balloon.

6:56 p.m. - 2009-03-01


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