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sweet mother of pearl I'm going crazy....

well holy moses its been a while once again!!!

many apologies ;-)

so Foster Son has MOVED IN and has been living with us for almost a MONTH NOW!!!!

Egads has it been that long since I have been here? Oi I feel terrible.

Just know that I do think of all of you every day of my waking life.

that was hardly sarcastic.

the hormone balance in my house is wildly out of whack and its driving me nuts.

that is how my month has been.

my cats don't even help the situation because they are both male. Albeit they are neutered, yet they were born with working man-parts therefore making them MALE.


ladies, the ratio is 4-1 against my favor. I feel suffocated. I need some girl power! I need some Powerpuff Girls! booyah! That came out of nowhere!


lets move on shall we?

this past month has been a great learning experience. there have been ups and downs, but we are all learning to get along under one roof. Mr. B and I have had more arguments this month than out of the whole two years we've been together.

Our arguments are about how to handle Foster Son and his many personality "quirks". He is a strange child. A nerd. A dork. A geek. Pick one, he's all of the stereotypes. He would be perfect for a role in a modern day Revenge of the Nerrrrds. heh heh heh.

He loves anime and manga.

Its basically having a roomate, but a teenage roomate who is used to having things done for him.

well homey don't play that.

we are slowly settling into a groove and getting used to him, and him getting used to us. and oh do I have stories. I can't be too detailed, but some are so good I can't pass it up!

But of course that will be for another day because I must gloat on how it was mine and Mr. B's FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!


It was on the 23rd for those not on MySp@ce.

I really do loathe that website. When I'm on it I'm not on for long, just to check my messages.

For our anniversary we went back to where we exchanged vows. So it was to the beach we went! I love the beach. I don't get in the water though.... scares me half to death. I'm not a strong swimmer and the Atlantic Ocean isn't very sympathetic to my shortcomings.

Mr. B did coerce me into the water at one point. I never let go of his hand. The waves were big enough to knock me off my feet and almost made me lose my shorts. so there.

pictures you say?

why yes I do have some!

hold please..........

(insert lame/cheesy music here)

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yes I'm not really picking my nose

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the general area where we got married

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a closeup...... maybe tooo close.......

I think I'm gonna have my hair chopped off once again. It has gotten quite long and unruly.

Also, there has been a defining moment in my life recently. No it wasn't my anniversary, BUT it is equally as important....

Foster Son had his open house at school last week. Every child that goes to my youth group goes to the same high school. While walking across the courtyard we see two girls that attend youth. Now everyone at my youth group knows how old I am and that I am a foster parent. But this one girl is obviously a ditz. She looks right at me and says, "I didn't know you go here!!!"

uh, no.

I don't go here.

Foster son goes here.

She starts to giggle while her mouth drops open wide with "OOOOH YEAHHHHHH!!!!"


leave me alone.

I attest that to me dressing in jeans, a tee shirt, flip flops and hair pulled back all the time.

I don't wear make up. I only wear make up when I feel like it which is very rare.

I'm going to be 27 in two months. Oh jeez I know that's not old! But come on! Everyone still thinks I'm a teenager! That will be nice when I'm FORTY YEARS OLD. But when I need to be taken seriously I really need to change something in my life.

"Attention Shoppers: make way for Zoot! She is armed and dangerous and heading for the shoe department!!!"

okay subject change!

I have been feeling so out of balance lately. I'm crabby and snappy and tired and heck no I better not be pregnant. That has been my major concern. I'm not having any other "symptoms". Like I'm hungry right now but thats because I haven't had a lot to eat today. Eggs and a sandwich. woo hoo. But I've been having spells of nausea which is weird. I will get nauseus out of nowhere but then it goes away.

hmmm, any doctors out there who will work for free?

and on that note I'm outta here. I'm gonna make me another sammich. In the meantime, take a gander at Mr. B's grannie.... she's crazy. but cute....

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4:32 p.m. - 2007-10-01


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