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a booming weekend, full of tornadoes and drag queens....

alrighty then!

I do have something to write that is worth reading today!

oh and that poem, was just a spurt of the moment writing on myspace because most of my friends are dramatic and try really hard to be artistic so they are always posting poetic blogs and it's really annoying and stupid. I mean, I'm all about great literature, but you're no Charlotte Bronte or Thoreau.


we had some wicked wild weather lately, my town had a frickin TORNADO WARNING at 2:30pm yesterday and a FREAKING TORNADO FUNNEL FORMED but it didn't touch down THANK GOD CUZ I WAS FREAKING THE HELL OUT!!!!!

yes I live on the east coast where all that nasty weather was happening, at least it didn't snow! Just rain and hail and a whole bunch of wind. AND A FRICKIN TORNADO!

Mr. B was making fun of me because I was freaking out about the "possibility of a tornado". I mean, it was bad, I kept wandering about the house peeking out the windows to see if I could see a funnel cloud. And Mr. B just laughed and laughed and then took a nap. Bastard. (he's from Kansas by the way, I heard all those "oooohhhssss"....)

I'm used to blizzards, but not tornadoes. I mean, you can prepare for a hurricane, and even a blizzard, but not a tornado. They just happen. It scares the shite out of me.


I drove a freaking HOUR AND A HALF to school to find that school is CLOSED due to a power outage (because of the storms). No notice on the tv or by email which really pissed me off when I got there. Because I just drove an hour and a half for no reason. So I'm protesting and not going to school tomorrow. They can bite me.

Oh- I WILL be writing a letter to the dean of student affairs, because really, how am I to know school will be open or not tomorrow if they don't post a notice????? Freaking tards.

yeah I drive an hour and a half to school (one way), but I only go to campus two days a week, so I'm really saving money but I don't want to explain that now because I want to tell you about my experience Saturday night!

I was invited to go out with friends (Mr. B was working) and we were supposed to go bowling- that's why I was so excited to go. I love me some bowling.

but we didn't go bowling.


we went bar hopping, one friend brought his really nifty SLR digital camera and we were all taking turns taking pictures, drunken pictures at that, and someone mentions going to the Cabaret, another bar, but its more than that obviously.

Mr. B gets out early and meets us, everyone tells me not to tell him where we are going. Whatever.

So we get there and its a gay bar.


okay, so I'm not saying that in the "I'm a homophobe" way, I'm saying it in the "I've never been to a gay bar" way.

It was quite an experience! One that I will never forget!

We ended up there because my friend's cousin is gay and he was with us with his boyfriend and apparently you need to have a membership to get in, I'm not sure if being gay is a requirement for membership, but anywho he had a membership and I had to pay eight bucks to get in (sixteen for both Mr. B and I) which sucked and on top of that it was twelve bucks for two shots of crown royale for Mr. B which realllly sucked but the environment itself was worth the money, I think.

Mr. B didn't want to go. He was very adamant about it. He's not really a homophobe, meaning: that he was nervous someone would hit on him and that would affect his manliness. Needless to say noone hit on him. Especially since he came straight from work and his hair was a mess and he was wearing raggedy clothes and most likely stank of B.O.

Lemme tell ya. Gay men party hard. Oh- there were lesbians there too, but it was quite sad because they all looked the same. Same haircut (short and spiked with bleached tips) same clothes (light jeans with a large hole in one knee and a striped oversized shirt) same shoes (large and clunky and brown), they fit the stereotype which was really sad to see... maybe they were part of a lesbian gang....

I say it was sad to see because I hate stereotypes. Of course a lot of the guys fit the gay stereotype on how they looked. And oh-my-gosh there was a couple there that fit the "brokeback mountain" type, dressed exactly like cowboys, but with cooler jeans and plaid shirts..... it was kinda cute.

There was a dance floor and the music played was a techno version of every-song-ever-created!


It was quite exciting!

I didn't know drag queens lived in my redneck town! ha! There were two of them, they may be few in numbers but they are there!

From our group there was seven of us which consisted of a girl-friend, Mr. B, myself, a guy-friend and his "date" (they aren't dating, just enjoying each other) and the girl-friend's cousin and his boyfriend, apart from the cousin and his boyfriend I think we were the only ones in that bar who were straight.


It was weird because I live in redneck country and its weird to see that here, gay rednecks dancing to techno music.


And my guy-friend with the camera was taking pictures of EVERYTHING, he was taking pictures of the drag queens and he got a gig to take their pictures for promotional stuff, $120 for three hours. Not bad for an amateur trying to go pro. He wants me to come along and help because although he has natural talent you still need to be "taught" how to pose people- and I posess some knowledge (well more than him!) and I will be compensated for my time.....

as soon as said friend comes over with his camera I'll put up some pictures! What a night. Oh- and there was almost a fight within the lesbian gang.... they kept swearing very loudly at each other.... maybe it was secret lesbian code for "come grind with me mother*&$#@!!"..... I dunno.

we stayed up until 4am... missed church.... whoopsy. Sorry God! I was broadening my knowledge on how to talk to gay men about you! Because we actually did have a discussion on philosophy. But really- talking about God and philosophy in a bar (no less in a gay bar) is kind of pointless. People go to a bar to get drunk, not experience God.

Hey! At least someone called me to hang out! Sheesh. I still hold my moral ground! I only discuss when asked to discuss.

ahhh, I'm not getting into that. You all know I'm a christian, I may not win "christian of the year" but I like to keep the lines open with my non-christian friends.

by the way- I'm still unemployed. poo.

don't judge me! because I haven't judged you. That's what God is for.

4:25 p.m. - 2007-04-16


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