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finally, something to talk about, maybe.....

okay folks, time for me to update for petes sake!

not doing much, just being lazy while I can. I need to go to the unemployment office tomorrow to see about collecting some government money. I'm thinking I can collect benefits from my previous-previous job, since those benefits would be more than what I would get from this most previous job.

Man this sucks.

I was looking for some much needed chocolate (PMS here) and my dear husband Mr. B put it in the freezer. I just texted him because I couldn't find it and he put it in the freezer, I ask him why, he says "I don't know".

I love that man.

I was about to go ballistic because frozen chocolate is no good on the teeth, but I'm in a good mood. For some weird reason.



So you know, I haven't ranted and raved about my parents foster kids like in a really long time, so here's an update!

The Queen, the ten year old who doesn't wash herself and pees everywhere, doesn't live with them anymore. They were going to adopt her but her mom was being a total flake-oid so then The Queen became so insecure about her living situation she was taking it out on everyone and they FINALLY MADE HER GO HOME!!!! I'm still not sure if that is a good or bad thing....

And then there was the Other-Girl-I-Can't-Remember-The-Nickname-I-Gave-Her, she's 5 and they were going to keep her too because they terminated the parents rights cuz her mom couldn't stay clean and her dad was crazy and the system didn't want to put her in her grandparent's home, BUT THEY DID ANYWAYS.


So my parents got another 5 year old that they are going to definitely adopt because the parents ARE NOT IN THE PICTURE and the poor girl has no family, but she does now!!! She's a darling, a total tomboy who loves pink. Precious. Although she has a "thing" about tattling on others, even adults. Oh she has her low points. But overall she's a good kid who just needs a family.

They also had a 16 year old girl for a while that they were going to keep until she was 18 (considering that she's been in the system since she was six and had never been put up for adoption, she "slipped" through the cracks, only because the foster agency wanted to keep getting money from the government for her and she had been in 40 foster homes in 10 years..... let's move on) The System DIDN'T tell my parents was that she was bipolar. That created some drama and she doesn't live there anymore. This girl is like 6'1" and like 250 pounds, let's just say she's a bit bigger than my mom, and she was threatening my mother in an abusive way soooo yeah. She don't live there anymore.


They also have another ten year old, she has anger management problems, they put her on some low does meds and she's good to go. She's a good kid, likes to take care of herself which is a plus.

So for now my parents have two kids in their home and I think that will be it for a while.


Mr. B and I will be getting our foster-parenting license soon.

scary, I know.

We went today to get our fingerprints done at the police station, then we need to take some classes for about a month then we can start foster parenting for real!!!!

Not sure if I told you all that we were interested in doing that.

So we are!

We just want one child- a pre-teen, the smaller kids I would get attached to, then we would HAVE to adopt them! Full-fledged teenagers are tricky because we won't know their full history and teens know the system and how to manipulate it and the majority of them are violent and I'm a tiny little girl... sooooooo no.

We are both pretty excited, a child would definitely bring life into this house since Mr. B and I are homebodies, never doing anything.

Oh I hear the questions now "but zoot- why don't you just get preggers if you want a kid?". Well I'll tell you why!!!

Mr. B has wanted to do this since we met, he's been in foster care for eight years until he was 18, he wants to give back and give a kid like he was a chance. And we really want to do this BEFORE we have our own kids, and when we do start having our own kids we will probably take a break from foster parenting because well, that's a lot to go into right now, but you can imagine the reasons....

So the wheels are turning and I'll have my OWN stories to tell you all! Won't that be a hoot??

Well I've been rambling on for quite a while, I think it's time to call it quits for now.

I'll be back soon!

I promise!!!

I got my driver's license updated (had to change my address) and I look like I'm high. Mr. B does also! haha! I shall have to put them on here for allll to see!!

7:11 p.m. - 2007-04-05


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