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Mission: Puppy- day 1

hello lovelies...

I'm back!

From my treacherous travels south then north and everywhere in between....

um, yeah.

So Saturday the "road trip" began. Mr. B and I left the house about 11:30am and headed south to South Carolina. I contemplated buying a couple of lottery tickets, but figured the jackpot wasn't too much (is a million dollars not enough?) because no one was talking about it, so passed on the gambling. (North Carolina has no lottery, because they - not "we" - are a backwards people.... no offense intended.... really....)

It was only a 2 1/2 hour ride. Mr. B slept the first hour, then helped me navigate (hardly) when we were in the city where the dog was. I passed the house twice, the numbers on the mailbox were really tiny, and I was driving like a crazy person. But we got there. Finally.

The woman- I shall call her Ms. Dog Breeder, was very nice and seemed very caring. She looked like a good ol' southern gal (not necessarily a bad thing, just using a stereotype to describe someone). She was very nice and knew what she was talking about. Her house was quaint, she had a nice garden and a couple of kennels in her yard. There were dogs yapping at us, but I'm not sure how many, because the kennels were surrounded by wood and chicken wire. The house was hidden by large bushes and trees, makes for a nice sanctuary.

The puppy, Ruby, oh man, she was sweeter in person than in her picture!

Take a look see:

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aaawwwweeeeeee how swwweeeeeeeeeet

she was A-DOR-A-BLE!

Some ridiculous info about Cavalier King Charles' spaniels: they are bred to be lap-dogs.

With that information let me assure you that they are MOST DEFINITELY bred to be lap-dogs.

When Ms. Dog Breeder handed Ruby to me, she didn't squirm, didn't jump, didn't cry, didn't nuthin. She sat in my lap like a good little lady. But as soon as her feet hit the floor she was as vivacious as a two year old baby! And as soon as you pick her up, she's docile again. It's like they have some internal switch...

So we got the dog, got the papers, and got the heck outta South Carolina. Ruby was really really good the ride home. She basically slept the whole time. She wasn't really scared or anything. We gave her a bit of water, but she didn't have to go until we got into my house and she was free to roam on my kitchen floor... go figure.

We got home about 5pm. Which wasn't that bad. And when we got home we found out that Mr. B's car had blew a seal or gasket or something, because oil had spewed everywhere and there was no oil in the car. Not good. So we are figuring out where to take the car when Mr. B's tax return comes in.

Ruby was such a sweetheart. I kept her in a box all night which was next to my bed (must be my nurturing-mother-nature taking over). She woke up about every hour and like a mother hen I just rolled over and reached down to reassure her and play with her a bit. I had to change the newspaper I had laid on the box twice. I didn't want her to associate the box with going to the bathroom, but I didn't exactly want to get up every time she was up and take her outside. It was chilly!

Finally about 3am she went to sleep and stayed asleep- I woke up every now and then to check on her, but she was still sleeping. But that didn't do me any good since I had planned on waking up about 6am to get ready for the final leg of the road trip.

Of course, being male, Mr. B stayed asleep and chastised me for waking up every time Ruby woke up. What was a girl to do? I didn't want her whining so loud that it would wake my neighbor. Because I'm not allowed to have dogs, and I didn't want there to be any confusion that this dog was mine. At one point I picked her up and let her lay with me. It was sweet. It's weird, but it felt like what it would if my future baby was sleeping next to me.


And I need to correct myself, she is 9 weeks old, and acts just like a little baby. But she's a dog. I know this because she smells like one...

You might say my biological clock is ticking a little loudly....

So let's talk about Sunday! Woke up at 6am. Showered, dressed, got the dog ready for another trip. Mr. B got ready, and at 7:15am we were ready for action!

We were on the road by 7:30, we were scheduled to meet my Crazy Italian Aunt and dad at 10:30am in Christiansburg, VA. I thought it would take us three hours to get there, but it ended up being a lot sooner. I think it had something to do with Mr. B driving....

So we stopped in Christiansburg for a little bit because we were an hour and a half ahead of Crazy Italian Aunt and dad, poor little Ruby got a little car sick and had hurled. Yes, on me. So we cleaned up and drove further north to Roanoke. I made Mr. B drive around so I could look for a suitable restaurant to stop at. I didn't find one so I instructed Mr. B to get back on the highway. Needless to say, he was getting a little frustrated.

He was frustrated because we had no specific place to meet. Well we did in Christiansburg, but we were super early and I didn't feel like waiting. so we drove a little north of Roanoke. And Mr. B likes to have things planned out and know exactly where he's going. I, on the other hand, am free spirited and go with the flow, and "we'll get there sooner or later, so who cares if we're lost!" kind of gal. We finally stopped at a Hardeee's voiced our concerns and made up and waited for Crazy Italian Aunt and dad to arrive.

They did, finally. Crazy Italian Aunt was so excited to have her little Ruby, and I made the proper introductions, and Crazy Italian Aunt sat in the car with Ruby while the rest of us went to get some coffee.

And I think I will end it there for today kids!

I know, the suspense will be killing you by tomorrow, huh?

mwah hahahhahahhahahahhahaa!

4:11 p.m. - 2006-02-06


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