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I'm going to school I'm going to school!

holy guacamole

Yesterday was quite a busy day.

And I wasn't even doing work!


I was uber busy in getting things smoothed over so I can start school. Good golly, I was fine with just waiting until March to start, but I suppose the school wants me to start NOW!

In the beginning God created the earth and the earth was void.... ho- hold on a second there... wrong story.

In the beginning of this school escapade, my admissions advisor said he would sign me up for two online classes. Rockin. BUT! I registered late and it was too late to start online classes. SO! The geniuses signed me up for FOUR DAYTIME CLASSES! FREAKING AWESOME! ESPECIALLY SINCE I WORK FULL TIME AND RENT A FREAKING APARTMENT AND HAVE BILLS TO PAY! JUST FORGET ALL THAT AND LET ME GO TO DAY CLASSES AND GET EVICTED FROM MY APARTMENT AND STARVE TO DEATH!

Sounds awesome, right?! Ah, sarcasm, where would I be without it? Awfully boring I suppose.

So anyways, I call them and tell them that there must have been some miscommunication because I TOLD them I work full-time and was willing to take ONE day time class as long as it was okay with the bosses at work. THIS, however, was NOT feasible and they need to take me out of the game until March comes along.

My admissions advisor though, is hell-bent on getting me into classes this quarter that started this PAST MONDAY and has got another plan for me. All righty then.

So he worked his little butt off and got me into an online class, because he (and I) obviously forgot that the online classes are only six weeks long and there was still time to register me for the second session classes. Sweet.

He also got it to where the Department Director of Graphic Design herself (I've had her as an instructor before and she remembers me) will do an independent study with me if I can't come to class during the day. HOLY CRAP! ARE YOU SERIOUS! WOWSERS! I'M BLOWN AWAY!

I mean, this wonderful woman is willing to take time for little ol' me to have a one on one class so I could start my Bachelor's program. FREAKING AWESOME!

So the bottom line is I'm starting class this quarter!

woo hoo!

Even though The Art Institute of Charlotte is expensive- YOU MUST GO THERE! Even if you're NOT an art student! Because they will work their asses off for ya! FREAKING SWEET!

And I didn't think my company would go for letting me leave for a few hours during work to take a class, but so far, everyone is cool with it! DOUBLE WOW! The class I would be taking is from 12:30pm to 2:30pm and I would take my hour lunch plus another hour and a half that I would make up by coming to work an hour early and leaving a half hour later. It's only two days a week and only lasts until March. My Human Resources rep is a STICKLER for company policy, and the handbook says that classes must be taken outside company time. I was SURE she wouldn't go for it, but my supervisor talked about it with her and she's COOL WITH IT! I knew my supervisor and gen. manager wouldn't care, I was just worried about Human Resources and the CEO. I have yet to hear from the CEO though. Everyone is cool with it but I don't have a response from him yet. I'm sure if he sees that everyone else doesn't mind, he won't mind.

BUT! I'm starting school I'm starting school I'm starting school I'm starting school I'm starting school!

I'm soooooo excited. I enjoy school. I don't particularly like it at times (the homework part sucks) but I love learning new things. I just love it. AND I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF!



And if you haven't yet, I posted an entry about one of my foster sisters on Blogger, so go read. Just another day in the life of the foster care system.

Mr. B has mentioned that he would like us to be foster parents. I'm cool with it. We discussed it and have decided to do it when we have kids. And since he wants to be a foster parent to teenagers, I think we'll wait until our kids are teenagers. That way the foster child will have someone to hang out with. "Play" is such a childish term, so not cool for teenagers.

Being a small part of what my mom and stepdad are doing makes me want to adopt and be a foster parent. The system is way screwed up in a lot of places, and these kids need some stability. A lot of couples do it for the wrong reasons ($$money$$) so the child doesn't get the attention he/she deserves.

And what makes me love Mr. B all the more is that I've never brought up the topic of us doing adoption or foster care. He brought it up himself. I've always wanted to adopt. Always. I never told him. And after my parents starting doing foster care, I've seriously thought about being a foster parent. And Mr. B, while discussing my foster sisters, said he wanted to be a foster parent and then he said he would like to adopt! My heart skipped a beat.

Just some more confirmation that he is the one for me.

I'm on cloud nine right now

9:06 a.m. - 2006-01-11


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