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I'm like a running faucet, dammit

"I want you to want me"

"I need you to need me"

"I love you to love me"

"I'm beggin you to beg me"

I love Cheap Trick. They RAWK.

"oh, I dreamed I dreamed I dreamed I seen you cryin"

yeah whatever, enough with that.

I'm posting pretty late, for me that is. I was going to post earlier, but I figured if I have absolutely no work to do NOW, I won't LATER. Well, I was wrong. Sometimes these jobs just appear out of nowhere. Creepy.

Well my foster sister, Princess Poopypants had another bad morning today. I swear she waits until I leave to throw her tantrums. Because if I ever see her pull the shit she pulls, well let's just say it will be the end of the world. mwaaa ha ha hahahahhahahhaaaaaaaaaaa. Yeah yeah yeah, I know I'm not allowed to physically touch her, but I'm not talking physical torture, I'm talking psychological. Because I AM THE QUEEN OF ALL THINGS SARCASTIC AND MEAN. I wrote the book baby. I know it doesn't quite show in my diary too much, because I'm trying to make myself a better person. But sometimes I have to let it out so bad it hurts. I am constantly in conflict with myself. I have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, well that's what it feels like. I swear I would try my hardest to make people hate me. But it never worked. Well I think it did in high school once, I remember seeing one of them snotty preppy girls talking in a small group and she was gesturing and making faces and looking at me. Bitch. Whatever, I was known as "Greg's little sister", my older brother was very popular, hung out with the popular kids, so all the popular kids in my class wanted to be around my brother and they never bothered me because my brother is very protective of me. Except for that one girl. Who knows what her problem was, I don't really care.

So you must be thinking, how could you be mean to a 7 year old girl? Very easily if she gets on your nerves enough. Veeeeeerrrryyy easily. She gets pissed to. And it's not like I sit there and make fun of her. I really don't. I don't call her names or anything. What I do is make very snide, sarcastic remarks to her dumb questions and comments. Because what comes out of her mouth can be very ridiculous and plain dumb. It's a war of the wills because she knows we can't touch her and esentially can't make her do anything, so she pushes the buttons. She actually slams the buttons with her fists. And I try to slam back. Because that is part of my nature. I don't care if she is 7, she KNOWS what she's doing.

Let's talk about something else. Like my work. I just had to take care of everyone's trash in my little office area, because Friday is trash day. We are supposed to take turns, but it always ends up being me or this other dude. Since I have been sick I really didn't want to take the trash outside, but other dude was busy on his cell phone talking to some guy he does other work for. So guess what. I had to walk outside to take out the trash. Not happy. It wasn't too bad. Since being sick, I haven't been eating right and I am very anemic right now, so a simple task like taking out the trash can be exhausting for me right now. BUT I didn't get too exhausted. Must be getting better. Good. Being healthy is good.

While walking to the trash I had seen two squished geese on the road. That made me sad. I don't like seeing roadkill, it makes me sick and it makes me sad. What a demise. Getting squished by a car. Geez. I hate it. My workplace is in a business park. We are like at the end of the road and there is a nice little pond where geese often romp around in. Wow that didn't sound weird er nothin. Anyway, I had recently seen a momma goose with her goslings and it was soooo cute. I thank God the squished geese didn't consist of any babies. And hopefully those dead geese aren't the babies parents. That would make me doubly sad. boo hoo. I'm serious here!

Wow, I feel like this entry is just all over the place. I do feel kinda weird right now. I'm hopped up on some drugs because I'm PMSing. So I feel light headed as we speak. Or as I type really. If I didn't fix any of the typos I make, you would not be able to understand this at all. And let's talk about PMS. Sometimes I feel that women really shouldn't use PMS as a crutch to be a bitch. But then I get PMS and I think to myself, stupid stupid stupid! I'm retaining water, my back hurts, I have headaches, and abdominal pain galore. Heck, I have every right to be a bitch right now. And plus I'm about to leak like a running faucet. Not a leaky faucet, a full-fledged, all the way, running faucet. But I'm sure you all want to know that. Just want to keep you informed is all.

ach. I tried to find a picture as funny as the butts playing trumpets, but can't find anything yet. So in the meantime, take another look at the butts, I know you want to, freak.

3:17 p.m. - 2005-05-13


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