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I work for imbeciles I tell you!!


I did something I probably shouldn't have....

for lunch....

I had....

......chicken wings.....

I just couldn't resist. I LOVE chicken wings. And pizza. Especially drenched in Blue Cheese.... YUM! I was in the mood for something spicy... ya know... PMS and all....

but with my existing stomach irritations, I foresee much gas in my future.....

I'm like my own Miss Cleo...

OH! Speaking of Miss Cleo, a co-worker directed me to this most awesome website where they have a soundboard and you can prank call people using this soundboard...

you might have heard of it...

on the left side bar under Entertainment click on "soundboards", pick a celebrity, and let the fun ensue!

To prank call someone, you should probably study the soundboard you want to use first so you don't get stuck and there is that awkward pause....

It's really hilarious, said co-worker prank called his wife using the Jack Black soundboard, and it was HILARIOUS! She was just clueless as to what was going on.... then she called back the number of the phone that was used which belonged to another co-worker (so she wouldn't know it was her husband calling) and cussed him out!!!! HA HA!!!


funny stuff man.

Did I mention I work with imbeciles?

Well I do.

And I think they are taking over the world in the form of sales representatives.

This woman, I shall call her Dumb Broad, is one of my company's sales reps, and she does not keep up with her clients. One particular client is running two ads in one city, Dumb Broad sent over the layouts and they were the same ad. Whatever. It's not my job to follow up with every single sales rep to make sure it is the correct layout they sent me. That would be just stupid. Especially since I create a gajillion ads a week and such...

Anywho, you can probably guess that the client did not want to run the same ad in the same city twice on the same in-home date... that's just silly. So he's all like "What the crap man! This isn't what I want! They are supposed to be two different ads you hosers!!!" (that wasn't verbatim, but you get the point)

On top of that, the client didn't realize the same ad was running twice in the same city until WELL INTO the proofing process. He had already made a bunch of changes for the past week until the light bulb finally went off.

So he e-mails and says that one ad is supposed to be for a wireless phone, and the other is supposed to be for a satellite company.

He didn't mention specifically which ad, this is vital since we run a juggalillion satellite and wireless ads that are all different in their own special way.

I e-mail the Dumb Broad and told her to get in contact with her silly client and tell me what ad they want to run FOR PETE'S SAKE ALREADY!!!

Now remember, the layouts she sent were both for wireless ads...

here is the e-mail I sent her:

"Hi Dumb Broad,
The Proofreader had just recieved an email from the client concerning his ads, in the email he states that this is supposed to be a Satellite ad, not a Wireless ad. Please contact him and tell me which Satellite ad he wants to run. Would it be the same ones that ran in HNTR, NWTN, TYLR? Please let me know ASAP. Thank you."

This is Dumb Broad's response:

"Hi Zoot,
I just left a message for the customer. I think he has confused what is running, so hopefully I will hear back from him soon. He alread has a Satellite ad running in that city for the wrap. I'll let ya know as soon as I hear.
Dumb Broad"

Let me explain the stupidity of this response. Again- the layout she sent initially was for a Wireless ad, obviously she thinks she sent a layout for a Satellite ad. It is Dumb Broad that is confused, not everyone else. It is obvious she does not look at her e-mailed proofs of the ads, or else she would have seen this mistake. It is also obvious she does not keep in regular contact with her clients for she has no clue what is going on.



Well kids, before I go Mr. B finally got a friggin job. But it wasn't the job he was hoping for at first, but still, he likes it.

He had to move to another temp agency because the one he was using was finding him crap jobs. So he moved to a bigger and better temp agency and they got him a guaranteed permanent job the next day.

woo hoo!

he's working for an appliance store shipping and delivering appliances (and some installation too). He likes it because it's manual labor which involves some thinking!! The pay is on the low side, but when he is hired on permanently, they'll give him a dollar raise. So no worries. He's just happy to be working again!!

So with that, I must go do some work!

I have this weird rashy thingy on the corner of my mouth.... I'll let you decide what that is from....

12:55 p.m. - 2006-05-04


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