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sorry I've been absent kiddies...

I've missed you!

Have you missed me?

I tried to fix my comments. I hope it worked. I'm not even sure what I did. It has something to do with the "page name" in the code... yeah I have no idea...


Much has been going on in my little world. So sit back, relax, and tune in for an even LONGER story than my last post!

I finally have FURNITURE in my apartment! woo hoooo! I have a COUCH and a CHAIR to sit on instead of the floor or my flattened bean bag! yessssss!!!

I have also managed to devour an 11 ounce bag of chocolate in LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!!

Continuing the furniture story... I finally mustered up some courage to ask my step-father to borrow his truck to get my couch and chair and other miscellaneous stuff from my friend's house. He tried to act sassy about it, but agreed.

So this past Saturday was the big day, my new lovely designer furniture was in my apartment by noon! And Mr. B and I spent the rest of the weekend just sitting on my couch. My cat has claimed the chair as his... I had to put a throw blanket on there because he has no front claws, but he still has back claws, and when he spazzes out he digs his back claws in furniture. And I don't need him ruining my freaking new DESIGNER furniture. No sir.

Sooooo, what else did I do? Nuthin'. Just sat my lazy butt on my new couch and watched television. It's quite a comfy couch too. Mmmmm. I want to go home and sit on it right now! Oh my, that sounded a bit dirty, didn't it?


I'm on a mission from my Crazy Italian Aunt in Virginia. (Crazy Italian Aunt is not to be confused with Crazy Aunt- The former is just a crazy Italian, the latter is just psycho...) Crazy Italian Aunt is buying a puppy. A Cavalier King Charles spaniel to be exact. I absolutely loooove spaniels. They're not too big, not too small, just right! She's been sneaking around my Uncle's back looking for one. He has been dead set against getting a dog after they moved into their recently built $600,000 house. Who can blame him?

But a Cavalier King Charles? They are sooooo sweeeeet! And small! And easy to be kept clean!

So Crazy Italian Aunt found a breeder in South Carolina, and I guess it's too far away for her to pick up the dog herself, so she has enlisted my help!

The breeder is only 3 hours away from me. (Crazy Italian Aunt is up near D.C.- so she is six hours away from me) So the plan is for me to pick up the dog this Saturday, keep the dog for the night, and drive half-way to her house on Sunday and she will meet me for the "exchange". She is also paying me back for gas and any meals I have on the trip. So why the heck not? It will get me out of the house.

She also knows about Mr. B and I's engagement... I haven't told anyone in my family except for my mother, stepfather, brothers, and stepfather's family. Because:

1- My mom's family, I have no real reason. I need to call them, because they will get pissed off if I just do a mass e-mail. And I haven't had time to go down the "list". She has a big family.

2- As many of you know, I don't have the greatest relationship with my dad. I love him, but he is SUCH a child. I really don't care what he has to say about it, I just don't want to call him. Because, we don't talk much in the first place and I always feel like I'm the one doing the calling. Which is true. He'll only call if I have my own place. Or a cell phone. And even then maybe he'll call on a holiday. So yeah, whatever.

3- My Crazy Aunt. She is c-a-r-a-z-y. She is my dad's older sister. And she's very overprotective and overbearing and irrational and illogical. Even though she thinks she is being rational and logical and sane. She is not. She has no kids, so me and my brothers are her "kids". Heck, according to her, I wasn't allowed to START DATING until I turned THIRTY YEARS OLD. yeah, that's not happening. Not now anyways! She has just now started calling Mr. B my "boyfriend" and not my "Wal-Fart friend". In short, she will go ballistic when I tell her I'm getting married. So will my Rich Grandma.

Well, getting on with the story, after my brothers visited at Thanksgiving and went back to VA, my Crazy Italian Aunt started badgering them with questions about Mr. B. You know the usual, "what's he like?" "is he nice?" "does he treat her good?". And after the first initial question, Crazy Italian Aunt said that the boys exchanged a "glance" a "look" and it worried her. So she started pestering them even MORE about Mr. B. And they kept reassuring her that he was a nice guy and he was really nice and treats me really well. She wouldn't stop, she knew something was up, until finally Little Bro spilled the beans and told her about my engagement. He hasn't told anyone else, and she hasn't told anyone either.

We have been e-mailing back and forth about my dilemma and she is very supportive of my decision and respects it. I think she is quite happy for me. Which is a huge relief for me. I know I shouldn't let my family's attitude about my decisions affect me, but I want them to be happy for me, because I don't want things to be weird between us all.

I'm assuming she told my Uncle, because she finally broke down about the dog and told him about her. But he doesn't know the dog is arriving THIS SUNDAY! I don't mind. I just didn't want everyone knowing before my dad. I guess I just need to suck it up and tell him.

BUT! Crazy Italian Aunt is going to get my dad to drive with her on Sunday and we are going to plan a nice little lunch and they both will get to meet Mr. B. It will be nice, I'm sure. I love my dad, I do. I just wish a lot of things were different. They aren't though, and I just need to deal with that. Crazy Italian Aunt told me not to worry about what everyone else has to say, to do what I think is right.

She has also volunteered to tell my Crazy Aunt about my engagement. She is a brave soul. But she has also been dealing with Crazy Aunt's craziness far longer than I have. She knows how to deal with her. So I have agreed. Crazy Italian Aunt said she will try to calm her down before she calls me. Because she is going to flip out.

But that is such a weight off my shoulders.

And you know what? I'm not such a good storyteller. Because I didn't even tell you how I found out Crazy Italian Aunt knew! She didn't come right out and say she knew. She e-mailed me saying that she was feeling guilty because I will be doing 10 hours of driving in one day for her. I told her not to worry, because she is family, and if it was anyone else I'd tell them "screw you!". And she said that made her feel even more guilty! So I reassured her that it was okay, because if I was ever in a pinch she would help me out!

Then she e-mailed back saying, yes! If I ever wanted a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, she could get me one! OR! Her backyard is perfect for a wedding!


I was on to her! I asked her who was the blabbermouth, and she said "oops!". It's all good though.

So that's that. All day yesterday, Crazy Italian Aunt and I were exchanging e-mails. I feel better about the situation now, because she's got my back. And she also said not to worry about my dad, because he "will be happy and proud of me", and she "guarantees it!". Which lets me know, however my dad feels about it- she is going to make sure that he is happy for me! ha!

I know this is getting quite lengthy, but I need to put this bit in here because it is very VERY important:


Coretta Scott King passed away.


I'm feeling pretty good right now. Maybe it's that bag of chocolate running through my veins....

I forgot, I wanted to put a picture up of the puppy! so here she is! ALSO! I put an entry on my blogger page: go read: My blogger page

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10:24 a.m. - 2006-01-31


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