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I like big butts and I cannot lie....

no goofy stories today.


bite me.

um, I officially have cable. Whoppdeedooodaaa. I'm going to be watching some Food Network when I get home! ha ha! Let's see how many brain cells I can fry now that I have more channels to watch!

My mom wants to adopt my 4-year old foster sister- Wild Thang. Which I thought would be kind of cool. I mean on one side, she's only 4, so they'll have her for quite a long time. But she needs some stability in her life. My stepfather will be 65 in April. He's not too hot on the idea, but he didn't totally say "no". Which is light at the end of the tunnel.

Her behavior has gotten a lot better since she hasn't seen her mother in almost a month. So we'll just have to wait and see. The court is investigating her father's parents to see if they could take Wild Thang. If they don't, then it's a big possibility that my mom and step-dad will adopt her.

She needs some stability in her life and she has established a relationship with my mom and stepdad. Breaking that after her relationships with her real parents are now severed might send her over the edge.

She is a good kid for the most part. She just needs a good spanking to straighten her out. Because she does things KNOWING my parents CANNOT spank her. She knows it and thinks, "oh, well if I do this then I'm only going in the corner, so it's no big deal". A spanking will set her straight.

And if I offend any parents out their who do NOT spank their kids. Oh well. I'm not exactly going to apologize for my views. I'm not talking full out smacking the kid around. No sir. A good two spanks on the rear never hurt anyone. It didn't hurt me. I was not abused. My mom used to spank me and my brothers with a green plastic spoon with little holes in it. That stung. And I learned my lesson quick. My little brother apparently didn't, because whenever he got spanked he would just laugh. He was a crazy child.

My mom told me a story of when I was about 3 and my older brother was 6, and one of her spoons broke (the one she used to spank us with- it wasn't the green one though- I remember that one distinctly, and it's hard to remember things when you are 3).

Let's move the story forward!

Anyways- her spoon broke and she took me and older brother to the store to get a new one. She found a spoon, picked it up, and mom said I immediately sat on the floor holding my bum and crying while older brother was pleading "I didn't do anything! I didn't do anything!". Mom said she was soo embarrassed because we acted like she beat us terribly! ha! I wish I could remember that! It sounds hilarious!

ha ha!

And I know a lot of parents who do not spank their kids (a few of my step-siblings don't), and the kids are totally out of control, bratty, and have no respect for their parents. I. don't. think. so.

ha, a step-nephew of mine, oh this is funny, I used to scare him! He was awful. He very rarely got spanked. And he definitely needed it.

Now I do NOT spank other people's kids. Never. That's so not me. They're not my kids, I have no right to touch them. But ooooh I would like to give 'em a good spanking. Like my step-nephew. Because I don't spank other people's kids, I scare them. Whenever he would act up I would put on this so serious-pissed off face, stand up and chase after him. It only looked like I was going to beat him! And he'd run away screaming like a little girl. heh. It was funny.

But he is 6 now, and getting wiser. He's not so much a brat anymore. He's more civil. Which is good. I don't know how much longer I could keep up with that charade, because eventually he's going to get bigger than me.

ah, kids. They're great.

OK- one last story before I leave. It's about Wild Thang and the way she dances. (I don't think I've told this story.......)


Her mother- The Stripper- must have practiced at home.

Because that's how Wild Thang dances.

Like a friggin pole dancer.

She sticks her butt way out while bending down just a little and looks over her shoulder and looks at you. And she tries to rub her butt up against you.


Mom is trying to break her of that. Pronto!

We tried to ask her where she learned that, but she won't say. Now she's trying to say she learned it from Shrek? Um, I don't think so. I know in Shrek's little karaoke party, they shake their little tushes, but NOT like that.

The dragon shakes her booty when Donkey is singing "I like big butts"...... but I dunno. Dragon doesn't try to rub her butt up against Donkey.

I have another bag of Cheetos! And I'm almost done with it! I think I might have a problem.....

I should have put some disclaimer in here... I'm not a spanking machine! Achtung! You must spank your child! No, there are very good parents out there (Smed! you rock) with very good kids. And they must be from outer space. Because through all my experiences, I have encountered very few well behaved children. There are a few I have seen with my own two eyes and I was astonished. But for the most part, while babysitting or even visiting, kids have not been very respectful or mindful of adults and their feelings.

1:08 p.m. - 2005-12-02


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