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well dammit....

holy shithead.

I'm quite pissed off now.

I'm not into the whole "oh gee I believe I'm still in high school so methinks I will do some high school drama shittttt".

I'm no idiot. Momma didn't raise no fool. In a marriage it takes two to tango. Sister-In-Law may not be the easiest person to live with, but damn, those two made an adult decision, so lets act like adults shall we?!?!?!

Okay. I have no idea where to begin. Its all bullshit.

Mr. B wants nothing to do with the drama, well neither do I, but the girl is seven months pregnant, I'm not about to just not answer the phone (which rings constantly) and not help her out. And Mr. B is all about helping out his sister, but we have reached a new level people!

Shall we all agree that two wrongs do NOT make a right?


During this whole ordeal we have only heard one side, Sister-In-Law's side. Of course what she has failed to tell us is all the shit she has been pulling.

So lets begin.

Sister-In-Law is a bit bossy and controlling. She doesn't exactly make requests in a nice manner, instead of asking her husband she tells him. Not very nice. But ya know, the dude agreed to marry her. They married like nine months after they met. Maybe that was a little quick (duh). They got pregnant a month after they married. Again, a little rushed (double-DUH!), but they chose each other. They chose to make adult decisions with each other. Now is NOT THE TIME TO ACT LIKE TEENAGERS!

Mr. B spoke with Asshole's mother for a bit and found out what Sister-In-Law has been REALLY doing other than acting the victim....

It is true that Sister-In-Law (henceforth known as SIL) does all the housework, laundry, dishes, takes care of the baby and works, etc. And I'm sure instead of asking in a nice way for help from Asshole that she was probably nagging him and trying to make him feel like a fool.

And instead of working out their problems and talking to each other, Asshole decides that he wants to leave and contacts another woman.

Well hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

I think men know this fact, but refuse to acknowledge it. That is Man's Greatest Downfall.

SIL has been on a hunt. A hunt for the Other Woman. She had me look up their cell phone bill online to find strange numbers that were called from his phone. She has been talking to people at Wal-Fart (where Asshole works) trying to dig deeper and letting everyone know what a dog he is.

She has been slowly gowing crazy with rage. I don't blame her. And it doesn't help that she is PREGNANT.

So, enter What Happened Last Night.

At approximately 4:00am Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday (today) we received a phone call. It is SIL. She is in a frenzy. Mr. B answered the phone. He talks at length with SIL, then speaks with Asshole's Sister.

Apparently SIL and Asshole were in a HUUUUUGE argument, SIL found out who exactly the Other Woman was, Asshole cracked her car windshield and broke her cell phone. Mr. B was informed that Asshole may be on his way to OUR HOUSE.

say wha?????

During all the hubbub Asshole somehow was made to believe that Mr. B told SIL who the Other Woman was.

Which is weird because Mr. B has no idea who the woman is.

So the phone conversation ended.

Mr. B filled me in quickly.

We prayed.

Yes we prayed so get over it.

Actually our prayer was kinda funny. We asked God to change Asshole's mind about coming over because essentially we were going to kill him. And we don't want to be murderers.


I think God must have a sense of humor.

For who do we hear roaring up the driveway but Asshole himself!

We were in bed. We had to get up early for classes for foster parenting. We did not want to get out of bed and deal with this horseshit.

Asshole rang the doorbell about five times.

We didn't move. We both knew that if Mr. B answered the door in his undies that there would be trouble. Mr. B has a short fuse. Shorter than mine. I was already thinking about calling the Pigs in, because I really didn't want Mr. B going to jail for almost killing someone. So we both sat in bed, our teeth grinding, anger swelling.

Asshole left.

I wanted to get out of that bed sooooo bad and hurt him. I mean, HOW DARE HE COME TO MYYYYY HOUSE AT FOUR FAH-REAKING A.M. WANTING TO START TROUBLE.


That was a freebie.

Next time he does that we are releasing the dogs.

No one is going to try to intimidate ME on MY PROPERTY.


He pulls that shit again he won't be walking straight for the rest of his life. And that's a promise.

And though SIL has been no angel, Asshole has done greater things to hurt her feelings, like, I dunno, TALKING TO ANOTHER WOMAN. And then the whole "getting violent" thing. Yeah, that doesn't fly with me.

Mr. B spoke with Asshole's Mom, she said that SIL called Asshole's Sister at 3am because she said she wanted to tell Asshole's Sister "goodnight" (this is where Asshole is staying, mind you.). Horse-hocky! Well DUHHHH Asshole's Sister was SLEEPING and didn't answer her phone. SIL then proceeded with the excuse that "oh the house may be on fire so I need to go over there".

Lets keep in mind that she had to drag her two year old out of bed for this.

SIL goes over there and starts an argument with Asshole. And this is where I think something is thrown around about how Mr. B was "going to kill Asshole" and why Asshole was coming over to our house. (that is what was told to Asshole's mother by Asshole himself) And this is also where Asshole cracks the windshield and breaks her phone.

Asshole has told his parents that he still loves SIL.

Oh bloody hell.

I know SIL still loves him too.

SIL is supposed to be going to Kansas to see her parents next week. I was supposed to go over to her house today and tomorrow to paint the new baby's room. Currently SIL is with Asshole on a mini-vacation in the mountains. *rolls eyes*

Let the abusive relationship continue!

Hey- I'm all for them working it out. But come on! Those kids do NOT deserve to grow up in that kind of environment!!!! Fo' shizzle!

I don't think they are going to get a divorce. I don't know what the hell they are going to do. BOTH OF THEM NEED TO CHANGE yet both of them are too stubborn to do it.

Mr. B is greatly frustrated. So am I. My chain will NOT be yanked like this. If they want me to continue to help with the two year old I am most DEFINITELY going to let 'em know how it is.

This nonsense needs to stop. And it needs to stop now.

Fuck drama.

I graduated high school almost ten years ago, please don't bring that shit back. I don't want it.

REVA: technically they DO live in a trailer! Hilarious, eh? Its a double wide mobile home on an acre of land. At least they have a decent yard. Serves me right for living in North Carolina

6:22 p.m. - 2007-06-27


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