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okay, for those who read my last entry, here's the deal:

unfortunately, the two year old is NOT mine and is NOT a foster child- although I would keep him. He's adorable. Even in his terrible twos....

the kid is Mr. B's nephew (which makes him mine also, I just wanted to clarify, yeah). My Sister-In-Law's husband did a very, very, VERY foolish thing and LEFT his wonderful wife. This is the second or third time he's done this (yeah, its THAT bad- I lost count). He left about two weeks ago. His reason, oh you'll love this:

"I'm still attracted to you but I don't like you anymore"

say WHAT?!?!?!

He says this lessee..... a WEEK after their THIRD wedding anniversary!

The absolute nerve of this little boy. Oh yes, I say "little boy" because he is by no means a "man". Not. At. All.

And this is not me being bias because she's my sister-in-law. He is a total and complete asshole. 100% dumbass.

Some facts:
- she works 40 hours a week (and she's 7 months pregnant)
- she takes care of their two year old boy ALL the time
- she does the laundry
- she makes the meals
- she does the dishes
- she cleans the house
- she takes care of the bills
- he takes the trash out after much nagging
- he mows the grass after much nagging

HE is NOT EXPECTED to do much, but what she EXPECTS him to do is TOO MUCH.

She admits that she may not be the easiest person to live with, but come on! She's seven months pregnant! She works like a dog! She takes care of a two year old when she's not at work taking care of old people!

He is as stubborn as an ox. He does NOT want ANYONE to watch his kids other than his parents. So how he expects to spend time with his wife without kids is BEYOND me.

And he does NOT want to go to counselling.

Which means he does NOT want to solve the problems in his marriage. He wants to run away from them!

His whole family thinks he's an idiot. But only his sister will tell him that to his face. Weak. Such a damned weak family. He's a big bully. That's what he is. He has the audacity to tell off his mother, call his wife a mean bitch, and tell his wife that he cares about NO ONE except for his daddy.

And get this, not three days after he left he told his wife he was talking to another woman. Not exactly sure if that was smart telling her, but I guess he gets some kind of honesty points.

He's pretty much severed the tie, they are at the point of no return. He has absolutely crushed Sister-In-Law's heart. I mean, ran it over with a weed wacker and poured manure over it. They had a huge fight Saturday night and she begged him to come home. He said no. She kept calling herself stupid for doing that. I reassured her that she is NOT stupid. She is NOT a failure, or stupid for still wanting him. They have a family together, she's emotionally connected to him still. The only thing that would be semi-not-smart is taking him back. Because without therapy he will most certainly do this again and again.

So for the past week I've been helping her with the two year old. Because she works 7am to 7pm, and Asshole works from 4pm to 1am and the idiot can't seem to get enough sleep to wake up to watch his son at about 7:30am. One time Asshole was sleeping and Nephew woke up, Asshole didn't wake up, Nephew proceeded to turn on the bath water, thats when Asshole woke up. He heard the bath running. It only takes one time for a fatal mistake. Nothing happened, thank God, but that was it. Sister-In-Law started nagging him about having someone watch Nephew. He doesn't want to put his kids in day care, and his parents can't watch him all the time! They work! They have lives too! They are NOT THE BOYS PARENTS! derrrrrr.....

I think he's kind of getting it. Sister-In-Law let me watch Nephew in the morning until Asshole got his lazy ass up to come get him. And Asshole has been picking him up earlier and earlier. But still, after he comes to get him he tries to lay Nephew down for a nap so he can take a nap. This guy is so selfish its unbelievable.

I am sooo worried that Sister-In-Law will go into premature labor. Next week her and Nephew get on a plane to visit her parents in Kansas. A welcome vacation if you ask me. She'll be gone for about a week, and he's pissed about it. Sorry for him! pshhh. He says "I want to see my son!" Bullshit! He doesn't see him now!

I swear, give me a blunt object and the boy won't walk straight for the rest of his life.


She's already called Social Security to claim child support on his ass. She hasn't told him yet because if he found out he won't pay her what he's already promised now. And as soon as she can afford it she's getting a lawyer to collect alimony. She deserves it. He left her. She still loves him. He abandoned her for some 18 year old tart.

The other woman HAS to be young to put up with his dumbass. An older woman won't take his shit. Awe, poor baby isn't told every single day that he's sexy. Well, help out your dang wife once in a while and maybe she'll come on to you!


Well shit, I've ranted and raved about this long enough. In closing, a short letter:

Dear Asshole:

Eat shit and die.



My underwear says "bahama mama". heh.

4:27 p.m. - 2007-06-25


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