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a recap of my weekend. fun! exciting! wow!

It's been three days since I've updated...

let's recap!

I've left you all Thursday a complete mess, silly families and their silly guilt trips. Blech. After crying at work, I got things straightened out with Rich Grandma. I still don't think I'll have my dad walk me down the aisle, it's just weird for me is all.

Friday was a busy day at work, so I worked then went home and vegged while Mr. B and his buddy J played some guitar for moi. They should totally start their own band.

Did I mention Mr. B played the guitar? And he's a freaking awesome lyricist? His buddy J is totally out-of-this-world awesome on the guitar, so J would be the lead guitar and Mr. B backup guitar or whatever they call them that just plays the melody. Mr. B would mainly sing and write the songs. He has already written six or so songs. And he's not a bad singer, he could use some voice lessons, but he would catch on pretty quick.

Mr. B told me what name they would call themselves, and I think he was joking. It was so silly I forgot it already. He thought of a few names, "Searchlight" was one of them. I liked it the best, that's why I remember it!!

He's written me a song. I read the lyrics and it's so gosh darn special it makes me all gushy and fuzzy and warm and tingly inside! He's played it for me once and he wants to play it at our wedding.... awwee, actually I think he wants to play two songs. He was going to play some other lovey song which I forgot the name, or "High" by james blunt (which i'm sure this dude got picked on lotsly in high school....)

On to Saturday already!

I went to an amusement park with Mr. B and six other friends and we had a blast. We spent too much money, waited too long in line, got burnt, and have whiplash, but we had fun! I was sooooo tired, after taking everyone home it was after 1a.m. when I got to hit the hay. THEN I had to wake up early on Sunday to go to church! I would have skipped and slept in, but it was my turn to teach the 4 & 5 year old class.

Sunday: went to church, tried to keep 15 or so babbling kindergartners under control, went to mommy's house, went out to eat with mommy and stepdad, went to Wal-Fart, went home and fell asleep.

That's all.

Isn't my life exciting?

I encountered some dumb-a$$es on the highway this morning, but they are not worth the typing to expound upon their idiotnessssss.

My Crazy Italian Aunt e-mailed me today to tell me to not let Rich Grandma and Crazy Aunt get to me. (She is my Dad's sister-in-law) Her and Uncle G talk to Rich Grandma every Sunday through what's called TTY. Rich Grandma is deaf, so they have a small typewriter contraption wired to the phone and they talk back and forth like Instant Messenger, without the constant *bing!*.

So of course Rich Grandma had to let her opinion known to them and Crazy Italian Aunt was worried about me because of the whole thing. She says my dad isn't a bad person, he just has a weird view on life and does love me, but just can't express it correctly.

Is that supposed to make me feel better?

I'm sorry he still has the mind-set of a CHILD. I was a child when they divorced.... what was I supposed to do? Give my dad a lecture on life and how it sucks and to get over it when I myself was only 10 years old??????



the whole thing makes me uncomfortable. What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to feel? Am I to just write off his dumb-a$$edness for a day? The most important day of my life?

Oh. Okay!

bite me.

blah. I'm not going to let these feelings bother me. I can't! I think too much about this shit. And it annoys me.

Remember when I told you I had a dream I was pregnant? Well, one of my friends that went to the amusement park said she also had a dream where I was pregnant.

omigosh whaddya think that means?????

I hope and pray it's not some sign or omen or prophetic thingy. That freaks me out!!!


thinking too much! stop thinking so much!!!!

maybe if I fry some brain cells with some drugs I'll stop thinking so much.....

on sencond thought... nah.

It's not about me though- Mr. B wants to go to Amsterdam to get high legally....

1:06 p.m. - 2006-06-19


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