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a bit of a depressing entry....


Haven't updated in a bit!

My bad!

The weekend was short. Too short. Blah. Didn't do anything exciting because I have nada moolah. Poo. Zoot needs some money.

My parents are watching a 14 year old girl until the 12th of this month. She's in foster care, and she's in the middle of switching foster homes, but she's still in school and her new foster home is far away. So until she's done with school she's staying with the 'rents.

Mr. B and me went to their house to go swimming and she came with us, it was cool. She's really sweet and quiet and big for her age. She's not obese, just tall and has big bones! I want to take her with me to the youth group, even though she'll only be here another week, one night can give her hope for the rest of her life.

I feel bad for her, but I hate feeling pity for others. Because I don't want to belittle them. Yeah foster kids are in really sucky situations, but they are still kids, who are a lot stronger and smarter than "regular" kids.

I hate the parents that do this to their kids. I hate it. I want to punch them. This girl's mother is sooo punch-worthy.

She pimped out her own daughter for drugs.

Hmm, wonder why she hasn't been nominated for mother of the year???

I'm sure this girl has got pent up emotions about her situation, she hides it very well. She has a wonderful bright smile and it sickens me to know that her mother did something so destructive to her.


One day I shall corrall all the bad parents and hang them by their toes while their kids throw rotten eggs at them, AND THEN leave them in the desert to fend for themselves. Because that is what they have done to their own flesh and blood.

grrrrrrrrrrrrr....... fear me! mwhahahhahahahahhha!

On A Lighter Note:

I read that two guys from my Older Bro's graduating class died in a car crash.


How is that supposed to be "on a lighter note"?

It's not.

Just wanted to give you a heads up that this entry is not going to be so bright and bubbly.

Mr. B "lost" his job last week, but now has another one. The perks of being a temp, you're bound to get another job sooner rather than later. But since he was without work for four days, money has been super uber tight. blah. Hate it. I pray to God that he gets hired on this job so I won't be so worried he'll lose it.

I didn't have enough change to get some chocolate out of the vending machine, so I'm eating away my woes with CHEETOS!!! yessss... orangey puffs of goodness....

I've decided that it's O.K. for Mr. B to read "Men's Health" magazine. Even though guy magazines are plastered with half nekkid women, this magazine actually gives guys pointers on how to please your woman. Me likey. Maybe while staring at the women with the "I can almost see a nipple" bras and undies, he can learn a bit more about how to please MEEEEE.

Heh heh, this reminds me, he ordered porn off pay-per-view a few weeks ago. HA HA! I was only mad that it cost $12. He thought I would be really upset so he tried to deny it.... honey, sweetie, baby, IT'S ON THE BILL.

I also think he thinks I'm a total idiot. The movie was called "Wicked At Work 3". COME ON! That is SUCH a porno movie name!!!! Gah. I don't care. I just want him to admit it! jeez! I think he's afraid of losing me over this, or to have an actual "confrontation" about it. I already told him I'm not leaving him just because he looks at naked ladies that are not me. I would prefer him not to look. I understand he's a guy and guys do that. But don't act like I'm stupid.


Oh well.

As long as he doesn't order any more, because DAMMIT WE DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY!!!

My Supervisor is not here today, he took a vacation day, so The Lazy Bastard Co-Worker who is the *ahem* senior designer feels like he's the boss.


All that boy has is a title. He does nothing more than what I do. I actually do more than him.

He *ahem* advised the proofreader to give me a certain job today. Well, alrighty then! She hands out the jobs evenly, what gives him the right to tell her to give it to me is beyond my comprehension. She was going to give it to him I think, but then he told her to give it to me. Jackass.

He's done this before, telling the proofreader to give ME jobs when the boss was out. He seems to think he's in some authority position. HA! What a joke.

He really pisses off the proofreader when he does this. He also tells her shit that she already knows. Ugh. Whatever dude.

What makes me mad is that Boss Man already told the proofreader to give ME all his jobs that come back approved. Gee thanks. Can I help it that I'm DA BOMB EMPLOYEE and do everything right and efficiently?

pppffftttttt tee hee hee... my ego's not big er nothin'....

Well I guess I should go do some WORK if I must.


I need sleep.

12:54 p.m. - 2006-06-05


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