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a really long entry, because I'm just THAT interesting...

(be prepared, this is long because I am bored...)

I say, my dear fellows and um, fellowettes...

I had quite a productive weekend.

How about you?

But before I go on, I must correct a grave mistake I made on my last entry. When I asked who was on MySpace, I left out one very important, spunky Aussie girl....BABY WORMS!! She is the cutest thing since kittens were invented, so go check her out. Because, I'M SO SORRRY DEARIE!!!! xxxxoooo

And I declare today, May 15, international HUG A MOO DAY! Because a lot of you may know Moo and how cute and sweet she is too. And I read her entry today and she is just so totally in love with her hubby, it's so cuuuute!! So I just want to give her BIG HUGS too because, well, I love me some cute international girls. But, not in that way. Sorry guys. No show for you...



Thanks for your input and advice about my dress. I did go with the less ruffly one, because ruffles are just not beach appropriate. And the dress I did get is not the same one that I put a picture up of. I will have to get some more pictures....

This one is very similar to the one I had on here, it has a cowel neck also, but instead of beads and sparkles, it has some flowers on it that starts at the left top of the bust and flows downward across my waist going towards the center (my tummy). It's very purty I think, and it's original in that I've not seen anything like it before. I will definitely have to get a picture because my Rich Grandma wants to see it. Since she's paying for it and all. It's not even that expensive. It's only $300 and I get alteration service and two steams. Can't beat that! Woo hoo!

This dress is one of the first ones I tried on right in the beginning of my dress hunt. And at that time my mom and the consultant said that dress was the one. So I guess they were right!

Anywho- that's what I did the latter half of Saturday, go try on and pay for my dress. That morning though, Mr. B and I helped my parents put up a swimming pool.


I'll never do that again.

It's not even finished.

It's a pretty big pool. About 4 feet deep (1.2 meters) and I can't remember how wide, but it's above ground and it's pretty wide. Enough room to have a small party in, like 15 people, snugly. It took four of us to get the wall up and in the tracks. It also took four of us to put together a stupid ladder.

How many polaks does it take to put together a ladder? Especially since two are not polish???

We were at my parents at 9:30 in the morning. And we were finished putting up the wall and staking it to the ground and putting the ladder together at 2 in the afternoon.


We all got pretty burnt.

Too much sun.

I still have a headache.

But I kind of got rid of the farmer's tan I was sportin' on my arms... thank goodness. I don't want people mistaking me for a farmer anymore....

They still need to put sand down in there before the liner goes in. THEN it will be ready for some pool party peoples!!! woo hooo!


I just lost my train of thought...

......................CHOO CHOOO.................

.....there it goes.....

Sunday was pretty uneventful though. After church Mr. B and I went to my mom's so I could give her our card and I made her lunch. Sat around for a while then went home and took a nap. After nap we went and did our laundry at the laundromat....


I don't know why I just thought of this...

But, Mr. B is not allowed to say I don't do anything for him.

Because when we were out Saturday night shopping for my mommy I bought a skirt and shirt that he liked.

I own like, three skirts.

And I never wear them.


Not even on special occasions anymore.

And I own one dress.

Mr. B really likes those bohemian hippie skirts with the layers, and we were at The AntiChrist T@rget (my parents don't like Target... whatever, I love it) looking around and he pointed out some skirts that were on clearance. And I caved and got one. And it's pink too. I don't own anything pink. Pink is my antichrist. The t-shirt I got was a dark, warm lavendar. I wore this outfit to church and his Aunt reassured me that the skirt wasn't pink, it was peach.

Well that just makes all the difference I suppose.

Anyways, he didn't stop telling me how gorgeous I looked and how pretty I was. Awe, he's so sweet.... BLAH!!! heh heh! I admit I love it when he tells me I'm beautiful. I'm still trying to get used to the whole "guy giving me attention" thing....

The skirt wearing - I did it all for him! And he appreciated it. And he admitted why he liked skirts so much. It's *ahem* easier to get to, if you catch my drift *wink* *wink*

I'm still holding my own though, determined to keep it until I'm married. That's a promise I made to myself a loooooong time ago, and I would like to keep it that way. Although it's terribly hard.

Terribly hard.

Sunday we watched some weirdo movies. I mean, these were just weird. There was this movie called "Ring of Darkness" and I swear that the little boy from Baywatch, Hobie - Jeremy Jackson (who I had a crush on...) starred in it. But Mr. B didn't think it was him. But I SWEAR to you it was!!! It also had that girl from American Idol- the first season- Ryan on there and Mr. B said that the blonde guy from O-Town, Ashley Parker er whatever, was on there too.


This movie was about a boy band that was very very successful and they needed a new lead singer.

So they were holding auditions on this remote island and this one dude who was sporting a Metallica t-shirt got the gig.

Now I have absolutely NO idea why on God's green earth a dude who wears Metallica t-shirts would WILLINGLY WANT TO JOIN A BOY BAND. That boggles my mind.

But further along in the story, I guess he was doing it for his girlfriend, who was Ryan... because she wanted him to be a successful music artist, and I guess being in a boy band guarantees you to be a music legend.

ha ha.

Sooooo, this Metallica Dude is all angsty and doesn't want to be a part of the band and wants to leave the island. Which is cool, because the boy band (which Jeremy Jackson is the leader of) picks the token african-american dude. But the token black dude finds out the boy band's secret of success......





......Brraiiiinsssss, BRRRRAAAIIINNSSSSS........

And upon learning this secret, (token black dude was about to score some white chick, but the rest of the band wanted him to share... the girl....) token black dude gets freaked out because he wants his privacy when banging a ditzy blonde, and the band boys are all over the girl (but they are not naked, so it was sort of soft porn, but not really) and Jeremy Jackson is all like "you want to be a part of this band you need to learn to share!!!" The ditzy blonde scratches some of the guys and their "make-up" comes off and it is then revealed that they are zombies. Jeremy Jackson holds token black dude back because he tries to run away while the rest of the band literally eats the girl.


C'mon now, I mean literally eat her. Like dig in to her stomach with their teeth and chomp down on her innards.


They then kill the token black dude and eat him too. Sorry token black dude.

Man, that is so cliche.

So the Metallica Dude is offered the lead singer position, but he doesn't want it. He wants to get off the island and become a real, bonafide MUSICIAN. They won't let him. They knock him out and take him to a cave and tie him down on some altar.

They are all in their underwear too.


But then!

Ryan- the girlfriend, comes in the nick of time and saves Metallica Dude! But not before Jeremy Jackson slices her throat...

Metallica Dude figures out how the zombies stay alive, by the power of some voodoo dolls. So he grabs the dolls and throws them in the fire and that is the end of the ZOMBIE BOY BAND!!!!

They all get burned up.

And Metallica Dude goes on and becomes successful as a solo artist. And Ryan, his girlfriend, is with him.... is that you ask?

The boy band's manager was not a zombie, but knew their secret and was in on the whole thing. So when Metallica Dude burned up the voodoo dolls, he made the manager ressurrect his girlfriend as a zombie.


It was weird.

And there was really bad acting, and really bad directing and really bad cinematography.

It was just bad.

But hilarious.

Alright, I've taken up most of your time... so I must depart and do some actual work now.

Mr. B is growing a beard, which I swear is giving me zits on my chin. I SWEAR!!

1:07 p.m. - 2006-05-15


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