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smoking will kill you... really!

thanks to everyone for the lovely advice and junk.

seriously, I appreciate it!

we are both young and still learning and we'll get through this and I won't try to freak out too much if he does something uncouth....

I have pictures to show everyone, but I am waiting for my co-worker to give up his computer so I can use the scanner. Man- do I need a digital camera, BAD. C'mon dude! I know you're not working on anything important! Let me use the scanner DAGNABIT!!!!

I asked him nicely to use it, but when he was done with actual work. And I KNOW he's done by now.... so what's the deally yo'?

so you must go check out these fine reads that I shall be adding to my side bar soon:




Mr. B and I are basically back to normal now. We just have one more thing we need to nip in the bud. He smoked before he met me, and a few months before we met he quit. Did I tell you this already???

anyways, he started smoking again when he was without job. He's beating himself up about it because he really didn't want to start again.

I don't smoke. I tolerate it, but I can't be around it all day (allergies and junk...)

I told him that I wasn't going to chastise him like a mother and pester him about quitting. He just can't smoke around me or in the house.

He smokes in the truck on the job and on the ride home from work. But he says he's not going to get into the habit of smoking at home (outside). He keeps telling me he doesn't need to do it and he wants to stop, buuuut I don't think he really wants to quit...

I told him that he can be honest with me and to NOT tell me something he THINKS he wants me to hear... and if he LIKES smoking, JUST TELL ME!!! It's OK!!!!! I'm not going to go postal!!!

So he was FINALLY HONEST with me and said that he DID LIKE smoking. He was also a bit of a pothead, and I think he enjoyed that too because he talks about it a lot. BUT! He doesn't really hang out with those "friends" anymore, so that is basically cut off....

I would really rather he didn't smoke pot. Cigarettes are one thing, but pot is totally something else. Especially if he wants to live a christian life.

Now, I'm no theologist or knowledgable authority of all things biblical and christian. Yes, I've read the bible enough to know what guidelines there are to live a christian life. But I believe what I believe and I'm not going to tell you how to live your life. I may not agree with some things you do, but hey, unless you want my opinion, I'm not going to give you mine. I'm here to love you, and not judge you. I'll leave that to God. And I am the type of person that if you confront me with something and if I know that I'm right- we will have an argument. Because if there is something that I know I am absolutely right on- and you want to argue about it- we can argue until the next millenium because I won't back down! And this will only happen if YOU confront ME. I am a non-confrontational person and would rather let sleeping dogs lie....

So that's that.

Back to my point about Mr. B.

Smoking is one thing, I haven't read anything in the bible yet about smoking. It does say stuff about harming your body- that you shouldn't because the body is a temple of God (Holy Spirit). But I believe that smoking is NOT going to send you to hell.

It IS unhealthy for you and there is scientific proof on that... so I would rather Mr. B NOT smoke. But that is his decision. If he wants to smoke, fine, but it's not going to be around me or around the house.

Smoking pot, well firstly, it's illegal in the United States, and the bible says to obey the laws of the land. So while pot is illegal- a christian shouldn't be doing it.

Secondly, I believe (Mr. B and I had a discussion about this) pot has the same affects as alcohol, it gives you a buzz and good feeling, but it affects your senses and judgement- so you shouldn't be doing it and driving or anything like that. A cousin of mine has two kids, and I witnessed him and his girlfriend start a bong after they put the kids to bed. I'm uncomfortable about that. What if I wasn't there and something happened to the kids? Would they have been able to take care of the problem while baked???

Now I've never done pot, but I'm not blind, or stupid, and can readily see the affects of it.

I'll tell you now that I have consumed alcohol before, and I like an occasional drink. I've never been drunk and the bible says to be drunk on the Holy Spirit and not wine, but to me it's not clear on the whole being drunk thing, that if you should or shouldn't. Now I've never been drunk for a number of reasons, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with being a christian...

It's obvious that some people can't hold their liquor or control it. So if you drink and become hostile- then maybe you shouldn't do it.... and drinking DEFINITELY impairs your judgement, so be smart when you drink!!! I'm not telling all you drinkers to stop, and I'm not judging you, I just want people to drink responsibly. I like drinking. I do.

Now I don't get drunk because:
1- I come from a family of alcoholics and don't want to end up like a lot of them...
2- I'm afraid of becoming THAT vulnerable
3- I'm just afraid all over of what kind of drunk I would become
4- stemming from #2- I am a control freak so I am afraid of losing control of myself

so that is that.

I'm not going to tell Mr. B what to do and how to live his life. If there is something I don't like, but he wants to do (i.e. smoke, smoke pot) don't do it around me. And plus, he's the type of guy where if I don't like something, he will try his best not to do it out of respect for me.

He turns 21 next month, so heck yes we're going out! Finally! Although I'll have to watch him, because he says he gets lovey dovey when he's drunk....! (not so much flirting with other girls, just trying to hold on to my virginity!!!)

well I finally got a hold of that scanner, but now I need to crop and format all the pictures! So I shall go do that so they can be ready tomorrow!!!

peace out and rock on all you rockers!!!!

My favorite drink is Sex On The Beach, how ironic... if it is in fact irony...

2:00 p.m. - 2006-05-08


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