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A rather quick entry, that is sad and depressing, so be forewarned.

Before I get into "sad" mode, I must say that The Queen is doing exceptionally well. She is coming home and doing her homework right away, changing clothes on a regular basis, not wetting her pants, taking showers (and not being told to!), and just overall has a wonderful attitude. She is so excited about becoming a "Huntintin" (it's Huntington - by the way, I'm not a Huntington, I have a lovely German name that is hard to pronounce at first, but will be changing to something more ridiculously easy to say in September.......)

SOOOO!!!! She is doing magnificently well and thank you all for the congrats and well wishes and such!!!!


Something terrible happened last Wednesday at the Wal-Fart that Mr. B used to work at.

A young girl who was only 24 years old was murdered in the parking lot. In broad daylight.

And no one knew until hours later.

It's been such a crazy week that I didn't want to post anything until I knew all the details.

I first heard Wednesday morning when a co-worker that I work with (and that Mr. B now works with too..) asked us if we heard about the Wal-Fart shooting in T-Vegas (the town the store is in, we call it that because it's so far on the other end of the spectrum where Las Vegas is...). Of course we did not, so co-worker tells us she read on the news online that there was a shooting in the Garden Center and both are in critical condition.

I called my mom to see if she knew anything (and if she was ALIVE, she frequents that store often). She didn't answer her dang phone! Which got me all worried, but she called me later which relieved me. She didn't know anything.

It wasn't until Friday that we got more details from the news online. They released the girls name and the guy's name and the girl died Thursday and the guy is still in critical condition. Mr. B kind of recognized the girl's name (she worked in the Garden Center, and the guy was her lover), but couldn't remember her face, so it wasn't until Sunday that he was able to get any real information from a Wal-Fart worker that goes to church with us.

On Sunday he was able to see a picture and he recognized the girl right away. He said he used to flirt with her. (I really don't care, it was before we even met...) The Wal-Fart worker told us the whole story.

The young girl was dating an older man- probably 7-8 years older. Mr. B said he never like the guy because he looked sketchy. Mr. B said the girl was so sweet, a real southern belle. They both were in her car which was parked behind the Garden Center which is really out of view from the general public. Who knows what happened, but I can imagine she said or told him something he didn't want to hear because he then shot her twice and then shot himself.

He shot her in the head and then in the chest and then shot himself in the head.

No one paid much attention, because this town is a real redneck town and the store is off a rural highway with woods all around and I guess people thought it was an old beat up truck backfiring, or people out in the woods hunting.

Which is really sad.

Someone might have been able to save her.

Another girl that works there found them.

I can't imagine what she is going through. To be the one who found them.

Jeez. I want to bawl my eyes out even though I did not know her. She was only 24. It's a terrible, terrible thing to happen. I wish upon every star that I could protect every woman against abusive relationships. But alas, I cannot. So my heart just sits here, crying for them.

Since it was a domestic dispute they took them to different hospitals.

The girl is gone. Hopefully to a better place. The man, however, (if I should call him a "man") is still in critical condition. I would have some pity for him if he just shot her once and felt remorse then shot himself. But no. He shot her twice to make sure she died. Then shot himself to escape any punishment.

Well let me tell you it's not going to be that easy for him.

God gets His revenge.

The dude is in kind of a coma, he has no brain activity. Yet, YET, he can feel pain.

The doctors know he can feel pain because when they poke him with sharp objects his face winces in pain.

He will live in hell for eternity.

Whether it be on this earth or in his afterlife.

Mr. B is distraught, because the girl did not deserve to die like this. The Wal-Fart worker we were talking to Sunday said Funeral services would be Tuesday, but she wasn't sure if that was set in stone or not. I would like for us to go if we can. Or send a card.

A tragic end to a bright life.

I want to hit something. Hard.

10:50 a.m. - 2006-04-10


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