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Drama, Emotion, Retaliation, Farting...... thanks Mr. B for that icebreaker

well I guess I should update this here diary, eh?

First off, this young lady here needs some support. So go visit Hothead.

Mr. B really really likes his new job! He finds it a more respectable position than at Wal-Fart and it's evil twin. But when it all comes down to it, a job is a job, and when I'm strapped for cash, I'm not above working fast food or retail. Believe me. He likes it, it's a very demanding job both physically and mentally, but it challenges him and he likes that. But now instead of my co-workers picking on "the new guy", they pick on me worse. Whatever. Just today the General Manager was saying how I must have beer cans all over the bedroom and how I must have a small refrigerator next to the bed with all my beer in it. HA! Retard. Mr. B chimes in, "It's not beer! It's vodka!". Gee thanks dear! (Vodka is my preferred hard liquor)

Oi. Vey.

Work is slowing down, which gives me some time to put together some Save The Date cards for the wedding. Because I need to know about how many people to expect at this thing NOW so we can decide on what size beach house and if we are going to have it catered or do the food ourselves. Because if it's really small we're doing the food ourselves. It will be cheaper that way. Fo real yo.

Not much else has been going on lately EXCEPT! HOLY COW HOW CAN I FORGET THIS DRAMA! Remember that young girl from my youth group who was struggling with Anorexia? Well, she's getting better, but she's at my house again because her brother-in-law (henceforth BIL) is a jackass. He is very verbally abusive, and yesterday as soon as The Girl woke up he started insulting her. Her mom and dad were off to work (she usually goes with them) and it was BIL and her Sister and Baby Niece that were home. BIL picks on The Girl aaaalllll the time. And is mean. The Girl fights back because she is strong-headed and doesn't usually let people push her around. A huge fight ensued which ended with The Girl saying something really mean and BIL screaming "get out of my house!"

Now mind you, this is not BIL's house. Not-at-all. They are staying there because they have a new baby and have fallen upon financial woes. So BIL is in absolutely NO position to tell The Girl to get out of his house. But she complied anyways.

The Girl lives out in the middle of nowhere in the mountains.

I guess she really wanted to get out of there.

She says she probably walked five miles before Sister and BIL chased her down in a car. They both pleaded with The Girl to come back to the house. She did not want to. BIL never apologized, he just said he didn't mean it. The Girl would not get in the car so Sister asks The Girl where she would like to go and she would take her there. The Girl agrees.

The Girl packs a bag and Sister takes her to a friend's house. The Girl leaves a message on my house phone, my cell phone and with my mother saying to please please pllleeeaaaseee call her back at so-and-so's house because it was an emergency.

I missed her call because I was at school, and once I heard that message I knew exactly what was going down.

I just checked her blog on MySpace (she's still at my house) and she seems to have calmed down. Good. Because whether she likes it or not she's going home on Sunday!

Last night was hectic and emotional for her. She thinks her mom and Sister are against her. Her Sister tried to make BIL the victim. ????? Okay buddy, whatever!!! What ADULT provokes a child to fight? She's 15 freaking years old already. He's about my age and has a family of his own. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PICKING ON A 15 YEAR OLD GIRL FOR????? Hey Buddy- if you want someone to pick on, pick on me you bastard. We'll see who comes out alive......

She had a very very veeeerrryyy long talk with her mom last night. And it'll get better. Her mom wants her home, but is glad that she is at my house. Her mom likes me. I'm trying to make The Girl understand that her mom wants what's best for her and loves her but she doesn't know what to offer The Girl to make The Girl feel safe at her own house. Because The Girl stressed that she is not comfortable there anymore because her and BIL fight all the time and she wants to move out. Pronto. Like when she turns 16 in July.

I told The Girl that living on your own is very hard, she says she'll live on the street, she just doesn't want to live with BIL anymore.


Well we have until Sunday to figure this whole thing out.

The bottom line is that BIL needs to just leave The Girl alone and be a freaking mature adult already. Yes The Girl will fall and try to fight, but BIL needs to be more mature and just let it go rather than retaliate. The Girl is very dramatic and emotional, but she has never really went out of her way to start a "fight" fight. Not like this one she had with BIL.

We'll figure it out. I need to go to lunch. Any suggestions will be thoughtfully accepted and appreciated.

I'm getting too old for this.

11:11 a.m. - 2006-03-10


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