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a better day- things are back to normal

thanks all, for the lovely suggestions on what to do to my poor video game-sick, fiancee, Mr. B.

Reva says to kick him in the family jewels, or to at least dream about it. And I did, and I feel better already!

I must be turning into a real sap in my "old" age because I didn't do anything real devious to him. Although I wish I did, but the angel on my shoulder kept reminding me that he was stuck in his stupid freaking game and he really didn't mean. It. Really. And the devil on my other shoulder kept telling me to do very evil things to him, because even though he said it in a moment of heated frustration- he deserves to be punished.

So I compromised and gave him the silent treatment. Ha ha. It worked a bit. I gave it to him when we went to Wal-Fart amongst other places. I dragged him around town. Which was torture somewhat because he had to stop the game even though he had almost beaten it to go with me. He knew I was getting irate and impatient to leave when I was being curt with my answers to his questions, so that's when he stopped the game. Although he didn't actually stop the game, he just turned the TV off.

It made him very frustrated on our little excursion, because he knew something was wrong with me, but he totally forgot about the whole "shut up" thing and I wasn't talking. So I finally told him that "it really bothered" me that he told me to shut up. But then he got excited and started making excuses because he didn't know what exactly I said, and he thought I said something mean to him and he was frustrated with the game and blah blah blah blah blah. And he wanted to know what I said. (I never said anything mean, and my comment was directed towards the television)

I didn't tell him. Or- I didn't remind him what I said. I told him that what I said had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he told me to shut up in a nasty tone. And he was scrambling for some excuse but gave up and apologized. He apologized profusely and told me he loved me a million times. I told him that I loved him too and that I understand games get you frustrated (I used to be a gamer, I guess you can say I'm a recovering gamer) but not to tell me to shut up anymore.

It's one thing when we're goofing around and picking on each other playfully, it's totally another thing when it is said in a mean tone. He's already said that he's never saying that to our kids and that he doesn't want our kids saying it (oh- he's in for a rude awakening though....), but I told him that we need to start practicing with ourselves if we don't want our kids saying it.

He asked me if I regretted "letting" him get that freaking Xbox. And I told him sometimes. But for the most part he plays when I'm not home, so I don't care. And I don't want to feel like his freaking mother "letting" him get things or do things. He's an adult. He asked me before he bought the thing if I was ok with it. And I said I didn't care. But I don't ever want him to blame me for not letting him have "fun" and purchasing something.

Oh jeez. My boss just walked in and is pretending to do work. Go away! I know he doesn't have anything to do, because I don't have anything to do. I do have to pee really really bad though.

be right back....

oh that feels much better.

So after work today I'm off to a restaurant that I have applied for a server position to fill out some silly questionnaire that will take me 45 minutes to fill out.

wow. That was completely off topic.

I love you all! Keep it real! And stuff!

Zoot needs to see the gyno sooooon.....

I added two buddies to my list over yonder... seacreature15 and onewetleg. Even though I have been reading onewetleg for quite some time, it seems I have forgotten to put her on my list!! For shame!!

AGAIN WITH THE FORGETTING OF THE ADDING OF BUDDIES!!! Sooooo sorry Smash, I have noooo idea how I forgot to add you! You are not the type of person that leaves a person's mind!!! You are being added to my side bar in a jiffy!

1:55 p.m. - 2006-03-06


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