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holy $&it it's January 3rd already!

Hello kiddies!

I hope everyone had a nice New Year's.

Mine was all right. Nothing too special. I had wanted to take Mr. B to Olive Garden, but the wait just to be seated was at 55 minutes. Yeah- Mr. B didn't go for that. Typical antsy pantsy male. I would have waited. Patience is a virtue! So we ended up at Ruby Tuesday. It was good. We only waited 10 minutes. The food was good, I had a glass of wine which was actually pretty decent. I'm very fickle when it comes to my alcohol. Even though I only had one glass of wine, I would NOT drive. I made Mr. B drive. And ironically (if it is in fact irony) Mr. B doesn't like to drive. He likes me to drive. I have no idea why. I always thought guys liked to drive while their lady is in the car with them. I guess I'm just making a random stereotype.

Anyways. I made Mr. B drive and he was picking on me calling me drunk and whatever. Even though I wasn't. After dinner we were going to go see a movie and to kill time we were walking around Target and because Mr. B kept calling me drunk I started acting the part. It was fun. Talking loud, slurring my words, stumbling over my feet. And Mr. B telling me "Get off me! Get off me!". Because I've never been drunk before I was wondering aloud to Mr. B what I would be like drunk. And he said because I'm so reserved I would be touchy-feely if I was drunk. Which I think may be true. I restrain myself. Whether it's wanting to punch someone in the face or wanting to grope Mr. B, I definitely restrain myself. A person needs to have dignity! And a person's inhibitions seem to melt when under the influence. So I think I would be a loud-mouthed touchy-feely bitch. Heh. And I'm not experimenting any time soon to see if that theory is true.

And this next story just makes my three day weekend all the better.

Mr. B and I did not see a movie New Year's Eve. After making a fool out of myself at Target we decided to go back to my place because I was tired (alcohol seems to have that affect on me) and I knew I wouldn't be able to stay awake during the movie. By this time is was 9pm- so we went home. Dozing on and off we both managed to stay awake until midnight. We were both asleep by 12:01am.

The next morning (now hold on there- nothing like that happened. I'm still holding on to my virginity) I woke up blah blah blah and turned on my cell phone to find a voicemail! For me! Who could it be? I don't know! Let's find out!

Turns out it was my brothers! And they were drunk! All right! I have NEVER in my ENTIRE LIFE have been drunk called before! NEVER EVER! My brothers have so-called "deflowered" me in that area! Eeeeww! That sounds like incest! ick!

So! It was my OIder Bro speaking- and if you remember, he's not so crazy about me getting married. Because he's a punk and has issues. So Older Bro says "Hey little sister! It's your brothers here wishing you a Happy New Year! I hope you're having a good time! (Little Bro is in the background yelling-"happy new year!") And if Mr. B treats you bad you can tell him we're gonna F&%$ck him up! (Little bro yells-"we're gonna kick his ass!") Yeah! We're gonna kick his ass! Yeah! (Little Bro yells-"yeah!") You can tell him that too! Well, hope you guys have a Happy New Year! (Happy New Year!)We love you! (We love you!)" *click*








It's funny really. Being drunk called. But knowing how my Older Bro feels about me getting married and then him drunk calling me threatening to kick Mr. B's ass doesn't thrill me. Because as I've stated earlier, being drunk gets rid of all your inhibitions and you do and say how you really feel.

That's just gonna make things awkward. Because OF COURSE I told Mr. B. I didn't let him listen to it though. And he didn't want to. But I was not happy or laughing when I first heard the message. And Mr. B wasn't either. We were talking about it and Mr. B is like "does he want me to tell him to f*&ck off? Because I will". And I know he would. But I don't want that. My Older Bro was drunk. And when he left the message it wasn't in a mean tone or bad atttitude. He was, for lack of a better word, jolly. So was my Little Bro.

I haven't called them yet because I'm not quite sure what to say. They haven't called me back either. For me, it's easy to tell of some stranger, but I have a hard time telling off family. Because they have my number. And know where I live. I'm working up the courage to call them after work today. I want to do it when Mr. B is not around, because I might get really angry and excited and start really arguing and I don't want Mr. B in the middle of it. And if Mr. B sees me start to get really upset I think he would take the phone away from me and put his two cents in. I don't want that. His opinion matters, but I don't want him getting into an argument with any of my family. That just makes things awkward for future family functions. Mr. B can tell me his concerns and I will relay them. But I don't want him getting directly involved.

Oh well. It'll be alright. My Older Bro will eventually get over whatever the hell his problem is. But he just needs to keep his opinion to himself now.

And before anyone says it: I know he's just being protective. I know that. My family is very OVER-protective of me. I guess they wanted me to be single and celibate the rest of my life. Or rather, single with a career and a slut. Because I know Older Bro wants me to sew my wild oats before I get married. That's his plan. Not mine. I don't HAVE any wild oats to sew. I have no DESIRE to sew any oats. I like my oats just the way they are thank you! Unsewn! riiiiiight.

Well all that was Sunday. Yesterday Mr. B and I finally went to a movie. We saw Chronicles of Narnia. And may I say:

Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness.

That is one damn good movie!

I've not read the books. But now I really want to! Mr. B has read the books and said the movie stuck pretty good to the book. But WOW! The effects were freaking awesome! I thought the animals would look cheesy because the computer artists haven't quite mastered a very realistic talking animal. They sure DID with this movie! Aslan was freaking AWESOME! I can't even begin to imagine how hard they worked to get him perfect. Making 3-D graphics is NOT easy WHATSOEVER. But by golly, I think Hollywood is getting it down!

If you haven't seen it. Go do it. NOW!

Gosh this entry is long. I'm going now.

I LOVE YOU ALL! Just to let you know, because I doooooo.

I'm wearing black socks.

12:52 p.m. - 2006-01-03


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